Rango de cortina médica

Available in Antimicrobial and Untreated – 100 GSM and 120 GSM fabric

Especificaciones de la Cortina Grande Mediana Pequeña
Caída 200cm 200cm 200cm
Ancho 750cm 555cm 375cm
Ancho del pliegue 15cm 15cm 15cm
Ojetes 50 37 25
Ganchos 27 19 15
Cortinas por caja 7 8 12

Otros tamaños a medida están disponibles bajo petición



Colores almacenados

Otros colores están disponibles bajo petición

Timestrip indicator

Available on request – 3, 6 or 12 months

Timestrip® elapsed time indicator is a small nonreversible reminder. Indicator can be used to supplement a curtain. Indicator is applied to individual curtains and allow one to distinguish how long it has been since last curtain change. 

Once activated by squeezing the activation blister, they immediately begin to show the amount of time that has passed by filling the window with colour. 

When the Timestrip® indicator has completely filled with colour, 6 months have passed, reminding the user to take action.

More info: www.timestrip.com

timestrip3 kopio