About Us

Elers Medical is a global leader in patient room infection control

What do we stand for

Elers Medical was established to transform the health and well being of millions of people worldwide. We work constantly to find ways to reduce hospital-acquired infections, which account for 136.00 deaths and $27.7 billion in direct hospital costs annually in the EU and USA. Today we design and manufacture a complete range of over 30 different unique professional infection control products the latest product group being the Antimicrobial Disposable Curtains.

Our Vision is to the the global leader of Hospital Acquired Infection Control – with products that do not contain antibiotics or hazardous chemicals. 

We passionately believe all people, wherever they are in the world, deserve access to safe healthcare environment including products which are proven to improve Infection Prevention. For more information please visit our corporate page

Please Visit Our Corporate WebPage

We focus on high quality Infection Control Products and Medical Devices

We manufacture unique high quality disposable curtains in accordance with ISO 14001